Friday, May 27, 2011

A Little Introduction

After reading many personal blogs and news blogs focusing on games, I decided to have a place to post my own opinions and hopefully find people to talk about those games. I'll be posting both here and at when it is about games, but if I feel like sharing and actual dessert recipe or a good book, I'll keep it here.

Right now I've been trying to focus on "EQ2: Extended" and "Lord of the Rings Online", but I will get dragged to other games, such as "Vindictus", "Champions Online", some beta tests, and other games that are not online, such as "The Sims 3" house building.

English is my second language, so please be patient with me and my sometimes Yoda-like expressions. Suggestions and corrections are welcome, so don't be shy to point out how many times I use "then" instead of "than", I need to learn it anyway!

Personal Preferences

I believe a good start would be to list here and comment about features I like in games. I favor game play quality over looks, which means older games are still on my list. But at the same time, I hate lack of cosmetic options in games. I am not a competitive player, but will occasionally join PvP matches just for the chaos and speed of it.

Customization options is something I'm using to sometimes shorten my list of games I'd like to play. Being able to have a character that looks the way I want is quite basic to me, since it brings the RPG part of the game back, where I can decide if I'm an archer clothed to match the wilderness or a mage with flowing purple robes, instead of mixed quested gear that makes no sense.

EQ2's monk.
Game graphics can be older, not very sharp, but if the animations are still well done, that's a big thumbs up. I'm the kind of person that will pick a character race based on how good or bad the animations look for the class I'm wanting to play, since I will basically be staring at that quite often. I hope soon they develop a game where they'll actually let us pick from a group of different animations. Won't have my hopes too high on that though, since whenever I read about people wanting a change in that on some game, it is said to be a quite expensive deal for the developers.

I also like to match crafting with what my character does. I do understand that crafting in some games can be a good way to increase how much money you have, but that comes secondary to me. I wouldn't have a warrior tailor just because it's profitable.

LotRO's hunter.
Hunting kobolds and evil faeries is fun, but I like games that have more than killing as something to be done. Housing, collections and mini-games are extremely welcome.

And then all that has to mesh into a good, expansive game world. Those that are able to make me get lost in the virtual world are a big plus. Worlds rich in detail, where you'll find something to be done or discovered when you venture beyond the area the quest givers/objectives are directing me into, bring to me a piece of "RPG" back into MMORPG.

I believe those are some points that tell a bit about my gamer self. Suggestions of new games are always welcome, even if it might not match these things I described.

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