Friday, June 3, 2011

Deceiving First Impressions

There are two games that taught me that I just can't judge tittles by videos, screenshots and reviews anymore: "Lord of the Rings Online" and "APB: Reloaded".

The first discovery happened with "LotRO". All images and videos I had seen of it kept turning me down. I thought the combat looked slow, and believed that the theme would make the whole game negatively limited.

 So I never played it, until I found out they had a free trial. I decided to give it a try, because I was curious to see how they had done Middle-Earth, so why not take a look, right?

I made a little hunter, because personally, archer classes are the easier to me to learn a new game. Well, I got hooked in the game. I finished the trial, bought the game, and still play it on the free-to-play model.  And I must add that Moria is one of the most amazing game experiences I've had in a long time (which I didn't finish yet).

I judged the game so wrong from my first impressions and unfounded beliefs!

The same happened to "APB: Reloaded", and this time, I am laughing at my own little ignorance. I'd tell you last week that I don't like shooter games, that I don't enjoy PvP much, that I'd rather not play a game focused on PvP.

But then I recalled things I had read about the game, and the character customization was something that had made me curious, and too little a thing to buy the game to just test it. So there I went, to try "APB: Reloaded". Yeah, I got hooked in the game. I played the whole afternoon, and I plan to keep it.

It is simply silly how much fun I've been having in two games that I had just shoved away. For too long I had used only other people's views of games to choose my next tittles, in fear of losing money. But that doesn't make sense anymore, with so many tittles giving trials, open betas and going free to play. So I wrote this to share this good feeling of being able to actually test the games I hear about, and not just having to rely on information scattered through the internet to judge if a game is worth playing or not.


  1. Interesting. This is the first I've heard that APB was back in business. I remember being surprised at how quickly it was shut down after its first launch, and lamented the loss of such a robust character creator.

  2. It is back as a Free to Play tittle by GamersFirst, so you can download and play around on that character creator anytime! The devs have a blog here, btw:

    Other then shooting criminals (I picked to be a cop, Im not a good bad-person) you can customize your clothes with colors and symbols, and same with cars you use. My character is wearing a neat white suit, so no space for tattoos right now. And you can create music within the game, or little themes. Themes are little short songs you heard when defeated. So if I defeat you, you'll hear the little song I picked/created. That leads to deaths followed by little Mario songs or dancy 80's songs, can be quite funny.

    So far It's been fun, though rumors are that cheaters are coming back, which makes the game unfair (too high damage guns and altered wall physics). I can't conceive how someone can hack that in an online game, but it's what I've heard. I'll wait and see, and keep playing a little. It's a nice break from elves and quests.

    Anyway, I'm a bad shooter, but call me if you need a driver!


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