Thursday, June 30, 2011

A long list of games.

Based on Vagabond Sam’s blog post at MMO Voices, I decided to make a list of my “gaming troubles”: the many games I’d like to play, but I’m only one person! So here it goes:

-  Morrowind GOTY: I never finished it, I spent more time exploring and building up alchemy then anything.
-  Oblivion GOTY: same as above, I never finished, I just did a lot of exploring, alchemy and sidequests. My objective for this tittle is to complete all possible side quests before closing all the oblivion portals... just because they are ugly and ruin the landscape! So I'd like to meet the whole world before that.
-  Fable: I never finished the first title for the PC. I never bought it, "it came with my husband" and I still didn't finish it.
-  The Sims 3: I build a lot of houses, but never manage a family for too long. I'll be getting "Ambitions" soon, so that should change. Hopefully! And I also hope you get yours fixed, it is a wonderful game.
-  Age of Wonders 2 Shadow Magic: I am working on both sides of the campaign at the same time, which of course won't help with managing time.
-  Age of Wonders: I never finished the original compaign, so I'd like to go back to that.
-  Sim City 4: I used to have a nice region when I played on my laptop. Then laptop dies, and I'm too lazy to get the cables and try to transfer HD data by myself. Or to affraid to mess things up horribly.

Now for the scary online list, which deserves a little explanation first: most of my MMO years I've spent playing as the typical healer class. After around 6 months without being a "healer", I am starting to miss it! So I've been checking many games to see if I can find an alternative to going back to a subscription game. Those would be WoW where I have a priest, or Rift where I have a chloromancer (love it!!). Anyway, here it goes:

-  Forsaken World: trying to build a healer and eventually make the game work on our second computer and play the game with my husband.
-  Runes of Magic: trying to build a healer, either priest/mage or druid/warden, I am still unsure and just started checking into the game.
-  Everquest 2 Extended: healer! Trying to level a templar to play with my husband's paladin, which are on the same level. Then out second computer decided not to run EQ2 smoothly, so that project is paused.
-  Faxion: also just started checking this one, and the skill system is something NICE. I can make a healer alright, but I can get interesting skills from other classes if I wish to.
-  Ryzom: a sandbox game I've been reading more then trying to play. It seems less rewarding then Wurm, so I've been spending my time on this second one.
-  Wurm: as I've said, been playing this one and having fun. My projects right now are to build containers for my house and learn how to kill goblins. And to learn enough in first aid to be a good healer, of course.
-  Allods: was also checking healer and mages there.
-  APB: I love how I play this game "just for fun" and have no plans at all :)
- Lord of the Rings Online: My hunter is in what I believe to be the first part of Moria. I am finding it amazing, and would play more if I could organize myself better. LotRO is the kind of game I like to play in long sessions, for I find it immersing, not to mention you can get pretty deep into enemy territory. This week I am only doing festival stuff for the cosmetic and house items though.
-  Champions Online: the game is cool and cute, but I just don't have the drive for it right now.
-  Free Realms: I want to test this one, but still no time.
- Global Agenda: another one I'd like to go past the tutorial.
- Black Prophecy: this game kicked my ass, and I'd like more time to learn it. It looks AMAZING, by the way. It makes me sad when I look at the few SWTOR space ship screens.
-  Vindictus: I've played this game until reaching the end of the "second part", a.k.a sent to kill the huge polar bear, but never did it. Time...
-  Family Farm: and indy title that I'd buy if I had less games to play.
-  Audiosurf: another one I tested the demo, loved it, but have too many titles to play first.

THAT should cover what I have installed on my computer. There are many more titles on my "waiting list". And as of entertainment, I've also been practicing my drawing to try and get back to where I left it 10 years ago, when I could draw people (!) and landscapes.

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  1. I've played a good amount of Black Prophecy. I wanted to play it with the game controller, like I can with some other space combat games, but it just wasn't precise enough, so I play with mouse and keyboard.

    The game's not hard, but it is rather repetitive once you get past the part where you choose your faction, so I haven't been playing it since then. (I chose Genide.) It's pretty good as a mission-based space game like Freespace 2, and very beautiful.


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