Saturday, June 25, 2011

Perfect World Entertainment can be cute

I just read a cute e-mail from PWE congratulating me for reaching level 10 in Forsaken World this past week. It basically kinda directed how to follow the main quest line, which are the side quests color code, and that the main capital city is always a safe haven to go back to and relax. No cash shop propaganda.

I know it is something extremely simple, but I got impressed. It was friendly, and I was really expecting the email would end with “and come by the store for some flavor items to add into your game time”, and then it didn’t. The e-mail did come days after I got level 10, but yet, so cute. Turbine spams me to spend money much more often then PWE and Aeria, and yet, when reading comments on news posts about MMOs, I see a lot of cash-shop hate going for PWE and Aeria titles. In my experience, their cash shops are very non intrusive and unnecessary to have fun with the game, so I am kinda lost where all the hate is coming from. I’ll assume it is just a “cool thing to hate”, and I am thankful for not being “cool”. 

Rusty Hearts and Raiderz both have their closed beta sign ups going on right now if anyone is interested too, by the way. I got into the Rusty Hearts one already because of a PWE survey that offers a closed beta key if you just press a button to say why you haven’t been logging into one of their games lately (in my case, Perfect World). With that key, I also got two “friend” keys, let me know if anyone would like one of those. The picture is unrelated, but it is an awesome gif I just found stored on my computer.

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