Thursday, June 30, 2011

A simple life in Wurm

Over a week ago I decided to try out Wurm, thinking I would not like it. That belief came from the fact that I’ve never played a game without set objectives, so I had no idea if I’d know what to do.

Then I started playing it to prove myself either right or wrong. And, as I’ve described on my first impressions of the game, I was wrong.

Wurm is very different from other games I’ve been playing, starting by this one detail: life is delicate there. You don’t have any sort of overpowered attack to fend off the wild beasts right as you start. You have a sword and a shield, and that’s it. You get hurt, REAL hurt if you want to jump from a cliff. You move slower if walking on grass as opposed to walking on a paved road. Water and food levels will matter while healing from wounds and while working on your crafting.

This lead me to a very basic human survival technique: to seek a group and improve my chances of survival. Joining a village is not about loot or about having a group to raid with, it is about surviving on an easier pace and having a good shelter. And because I love to chat. 

The Hindmania village is a good home, with Fazz and Madlink helping me tons and putting up with my thousands of questions that the wiki won’t answer, not to mention that they make me company while I work for hours to raise the walls of my small home or while I try to improve little pottery jars. So here are some adventures in a short version:

My first kill
There is a little willow forest on a hill near the village, connected by a paved road. As I made my way up there to get a sprout, I am greeted by a giant black bear. Fazz and Madlink came to my rescue, and it’s like a classical MMO, withFazz tanking, me doing horrible DPS and Madlink healing. Innkeeper also helped with providing me with a bow, arrows and a target to train, which I still didn’t have a chance to test against real creatures.

Meeting the community
The local channel can help you talk to people nearby. So far I’ve met one of our neighbors and a passerby seeking tar. I also “helped” this passerby kill a goblin. The community is helpful and friendly as I’ve seen. In the village itself there are plenty of shores to be done, and it is nice to be able to help. Sometimes I will farm the fields, and even had a risky business brushing angry bulls the other day.

I even read the dreaded global chat sometimes, and to my surprise, I’ve seen players enforcing chat rules instead of just breaking them. The help channel is also full of help, and so far I am pretty happy with the community. Next challenge is to read more of the boards, which traditionally in other MMOs I’ve played, tend to be a negative place. But then, while reading Wurm’s official blog, one of the GMs posted about measures to reduce “troll activity”, which ends with this message: “To all of you who think you are too old for a spanking….  Don’t count on it!” Love it :)

My house
Our mayor Beauturkey gave me 6 tiles to build my own place and keep my stuff safe. I decided to make 3 tiles of house and the other 3 to grow a willow tree and to keep a small cart, once I make one, of course. So far all walls are up and the bed is made. Now to work on containers, light and some grass.

Much crafting!
So far I’ve been making pottery containers, many planks of wood for the house project, healing covers, and been farming on two tiles. One thing leads to the other, and while my initial idea was to be able to make my own food, it has expanded to being able to fight monsters I might find while exploring, farming and fishing. And I am sure those will lead me to even more things to do.

It has been fun to play a completely different game. Special thanks to FazzMadlink and Beauturkey for helping me feel welcome in the village, and consequentially, to the game itself.

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