Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Eden Eternal's First (cute) Impressions

Aeria Games’ Eden Eternal is CUTE. If you feel sick and dizzy controlling insanely cute characters, slaying adorable looking foes, well, I warned you.

On character creation, you start out with basic male/female options, hair, eyes, face customization, and a preview of all class outfits. But as you create your character, your choices are either mage or warrior to start out, which won’t really matter since you get both of them right as a level 1 character. What does matter is the pick on your Heroic Trait, which will give you bonuses on certain stats, which are, of course, different for each class you might choose to play more often or specialize.

Classes are divided between Defense, Melee Damage, Healing, Ranged Damage and Magic Damage, each having three classes in each category. As I’ve said, you start out as Mage and Warrior, but your choices of which of these classes you’ll level more first tells you which new one you’ll unlock faster. So yes, much like in Ragnarok Online, you have a character level and a job/class level, with the big difference that in Eden Eternal you can change between the classes you’ll have unlocked at any time.

These are the levels at which you’ll be able to unlock the classes:

Warrior - Starting Class
Knight - Character level 25 or Warrior level 20.
Templar - Character level 60, or either Knight or Cleric level 55.

Melee Damage
Thief - Character level 15.
Martial Artist - Character level 40, or Thief level 35.
Blade Dancer - Character level 50, or Bard level 45.

Ranged Damage
Hunter - Character level 10.
Engineer - Character level 30, or Hunter level 25.
Ranger - Character level 65, or either Hunter or Martial Artist level 60.

Cleric - Character level 5.
Bard - Character level 20.
Shaman - Character level 45, or Cleric level 40.

Magic Damage
Magician - Starting Class
Illusionist - Character level 35, or Magician level 30.
Warlock - Character level 55, or either Magician or Shaman level 50.

Basically, you’ll have all classes once you reach level 65 and so far leveling up hasn’t been painful.

Your newbie zone will tell you basics about the world, which to me is nothing too amazing, just simple MMO story about being a hero, really. Auto route is here too, and you can even directly teleport to your quest objective if you have a crystal for it, which so far I’ve only seen at the cash shop. Auto route travels so far haven’t been long at all for me to wish to use one of those though.

Right at the start, repeatable quests are present, so that you can acumulate Fame (reputation) to trade in at a Fame Chest for some powerful items. But what I’ve been doing about these repeatables is to be able to get extra money and know what to kill in order to keep my healing and DPS classes at a close level.

Your “Regular Skill” ups are bought with in game money and available when you gain Character Levels, while the “Class Skills require” AP, which you gain when you level up a class. This means that when you gain a character level you can put point in classes that you weren’t really playing at that moment as long as you had the money. Not the same will go with the Class Skills, since those need the class experience.

Although Hunters do have a combat pet, all characters will have a pug battle pet once they reach level 25 and complete a quest for it. I haven’t reached that point yet, but the pet itself is granted much earlier and serves you by looting for you. And I love that! I love not having to loot. I feel so lazy with auto route and auto loot. There are different pets in the cash shop, but I have not checked on it myself.

Your character’s appearance is locked to a few outfits that you gain as you level, as well as different outfits for each class. So far, no piece of gear chances the character’s appearance, other then weapons. I find this to be limiting, but at least the options given are cute. Also, there is a dye system to change the colors.

Crafting was disappointing to find out about. You basically hire NPCs to do most of the work. Some few things are required to me hunted in the world, but gathering and the crafting itself is done at the NPCs in the capital city, Aven. After EQ2 and Wurm, it feels just bad to craft like that, and I’ll probably not be touching that much.

Interesting to note is also the anti-bot system, which will pop up at random times to check on you.

There are still many things I haven’t seen in the game. I haven’t grouped for dungeons, or joined a guild to check into the Guild Town system, or the Lover System. The game is fun so far, but dull as a solo experience. I can sure keep killing and evolving, but that’s all I can do without other players. So unless I find a nice group to join, I won’t be spending much time in this game in the future (ok I admit, I will log in to check the “angry” emote every now and then, it just makes me giggle).

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