Monday, July 25, 2011

My own little place in The Shire

My very first house in Lord of the Rings Online was a Standard House (the small one) at "4 Myrtle Court", in The Shire. While it is an adorable location, it was not my dream house. I've always had a weak spot for "4 Wending Way", a Deluxe House (bigger, more expensive) that sits by the lake.

When I finally built enough money for it though, I could not find any available ones. In LotRO, neighborhoods are added depending on demand. I am not sure how this is measured, but it means that sometimes you just can't get the house you want. 

Instead of waiting, I bought another big one, at "5 Brookbank Street". Not as pretty a landscape, but a nice address and close enough to the bank.

Last week I got curious enough to check it again. It has been many months since I had checked, and there it was: an opening for a "4 Wending Way", and many other Deluxe Houses, enough to pick and choose one for my husband's characters.

So here I am, with all my characters poor, but happy with a little house in LotRO that I've always wanted. You can find more pictures HERE.

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