Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Catching up?

This morning during my readings around the internet, I was greeted with this good piece: cosmetic gear options are coming to World of Warcraft.

It sure took them a sweet long time, but I am glad they are catching up with something people had been wanting and begging. The Transmogrifier system will allow people to alter the looks of pieces, while maintaining the same gear type, so that plate will only be altered to look like another piece of plate, an so on. It is a limitation that gives much more options to cloth wearers, unfortunetelly.

Also, there will be a bank for all those old pieces of gear, the Void Storage. That is another very welcome feature, since I am one who saves up the cute pieces for maybe later use.

Both these features will be very welcome, and would make a come back to WoW, whenever it happens, much more fun to me. It always bothered me how WoW simply wouldn’t catch up on this feature, and how they’d practically laugh at it whenever a fan would ask about it. Hopefully they’ll catch up on player housing at home point too? While their favorite excuse is that cities would feel empty with the housing system, all  have to say is that last time I’ve played, there were so many players in the main cities that I’d actually avoid it.

While I’ve already read this news in two different sources, WoW Insider made a little note and question as to how much this would cost. Lots of gold? Real money? If it is real money, I’ll be passing it though, since there are good F2P games that simply give this option for free.

...oh and Deathwing raid is coming too.

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