Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dahliara’s Red Outfit

During Cinco de Mayo there was a lottery themed around the holiday, with red and green fireworks and red and green dyes as rewards. I happend to win it twice, and really wanted to make something in red.

This outfit was featured in Massively’s One Shots, and a reader related it to Carmen Sandiego, which I had never noticed and found it quite funny.

Dahliara is wearing:
Head: Plummed Hat - Low level quest reward or Store - Red
Shoulders: Quilted Shoulder Pads - Many sources - Red
Back: Cloak of the Falling Leaves - Harvest Festival - Red
Chest: Elven Robe - Rivendell Light Armor Vendor - Crimson
Hands: none.
Legs: none.
Feet: none.

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