Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Revisiting City of Heroes before the Freedom storm

With the new sale on game keys before the conversion to Free to Play, I decided to purchase one and finally activate my game account, and use the free 1 month that comes with it to test things before possible character locks and power limitations happen.

It was good to see the character I’ve created 2 years ago again. I played all days of the trial back then, and she even has these cute crafted little wings. Most of the time I played with my husband, and it was always good to have the game very friendly to group up, with missions scaling to meet our levels. Games that don’t do that can become a boring thing to play as duo, like in some areas of WoW: you simply don’t have time to cast a spell if your buddy is a melee fury. So a big thumbs up for that feature in City of Heroes.

Since I never went past level 12, it is hard to tell what has changed. The character creator has an option that is new to me: you can pick the colors for some of the power sets. That is awesome for me, a person a bit obsessed with colors, and I’ll have to see if I can alter my current character’s power set colors somewhere. 

The thing I love the most about City of Heroes is how I don’t need to worry about gear. Yes, I hate gear, it interrupts my game, it makes me having to pick between numbers, and stats, and things that are not my favorite feature in MMOs. Instead, you pick between Enhancements that will boost certain aspects of your powers. As an example, I can place a training enhancement to improve the damage of a fireball, or add speed to its cooldown.

Crafting is based on recipes that you’ll find while saving/ruining the world, and they’ll use salvaged material. My character’s little bat wings were made that way, with some financial help and Auction House search, I was able to sell some parts I didn’t need, while being able to put together mine.

Now I need to check out power sets I haven’t seen yet. So far, it happens that the Villain combinations are more appeasing to me, while I am not much of a “dark side” kind of player. I need to search and see how to go to the other side with the Going Rogue expansion, though that would probably cost me... so maybe it is time for me to try and be a villain! 

Freedom, hopefully a good kind of storm

Once Freedom hits, I’ll play the game as a Premium, since I purchased the $1,99 key, but don’t plan on going VIP. The bigger downside to that, for me, is that I won’t be able to craft anymore, since this feature is locked only for the VIP players. You can see the table comparing the 3 options here.

I am glad the game is converting to F2P though, since I had a difficult time with Champions Online art style. It simply is weird to my eyes, and I am more happy with the older looking City of Heroes models. I expect it will be another good casual option to play.

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