Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gourmet's Summer Home

2 bedrooms (3 if you remake the office), 3 bathrooms. Outside cookout area and vegetable garden. Only cheat used was the one to add the vegetable plants. 

The concept while making this house was to create a place for an already successful and rich cook, by the sea and with plenty of space for parties. It was one of my first "big houses", back when I just hated to create a second floor. The reason? I don't like stairs in my houses, I like to see the whole house and what the Sims are doing at a glance. That changed though, and I've been making some beautiful buildings with stairs and cellars now, which will be uploaded in time. 

The Sim I had in mind for this place would be a natural cook, with a lot of social skills and possibly a family. It would also be a Sim that travels a lot, which is why I placed some stands and an office, to organize all that involves travelling. It is a darker place from what I usually decorate my places, and I like the contrast present in the outside area, which is very bright.

Download this House (The Sims 3 Exchange)
Detailed Pictures Album

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