Tuesday, September 27, 2011

TS3's Creative Corner

Yesterday I decided to join in with all the TS3 Community at their forums. I had been shy about it so far, just reading some entries and contests. Also, since MMO Forums are not a very friendly place, I did take a while to venture into TS3's forums.

It is NOT like most MMO forums. Or even some other game forums. Things are mostly friendly and on a very sharing mood. People will come drop some words about your work, share theirs, leave tips and make contests about building. I did not go to read the other parts of the forums, keeping to the "Creative Corner", but so far I am glad to say that it is a very positive community.

I'll slowly post my houses over there to help share them, and I'll edit the house posts here to leave a link that goes over there, in case anyone is interested. The house I posted, Sunflower, even had a person sharing a link to a sunflower themed park, which will go perfect nearby the house once I use it on a Sim family. So I'll try and keep all links together so whoever checks here can see those other people's awesome creations also!

The Sims 3 Community: Creative Corner

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