Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tools for the Busy

My little project to finish up Mirkwood has slowed down a lot in the past weeks. I just started a job after some months at home, and time has become short for both hobbies and house work.

But then I came upon this awesome jewel to help me in Lotro: a Crafting Calculator. It shows all items needed for those more complex recipes that use more then one crafting skill to be finished, not to mention that it will be easier to search for which materials are needed to have something made by a kin member. Personally, I love to have a single screen to view all the stuff needed to cook the complicated Cook's guild repasts, instead of having to open all the little lists in the crafting list.

Hopefully soon I can report on my Mirkwood adventures. If you are playing Lotro also, don't forget to visit the Lottery (you have to log into your acc, so remember to do this from a computer you trust) for chances on free stuff, like tokens, potions, cosmetics, or whatever they feel like giving away. Some prize drawings can be surprisingly good.

Age of Wonders III

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