Friday, January 6, 2012

More games, less time

I'm still too busy to continue with the same pace of playing games and writing about them, but Black Friday online deals on games got me last year, and I had to make some purchases that I've been wishing for quite some time now. The Christmas sales were also an excuse for another tittle, and then some LOTRO that I always play slowly is what I've been doing in game after work.

It is an older, Indie game, pretty simple but I love the idea of it. You use music to create race tracks where you either collect or dodge colorful blocks, with high scores to brag about or just a good way to relax. It is interesting to see how different songs will create different effects and speeds, and I still need more time to play around in this game.

Check the demo here.

The Sims 3 Late Night, Generations and Pets
My collection was stuck in "Ambitions" since I got lucky enough to get it in a Twitter drawing some months ago. And the odd thing is, I don't play the game itself much, but I love building houses (which is why I have a page here in the blog exclusive for my creations)

Thanks to the many sales and discounts, I was able to get the 3 expansions I didn't have. I still don't have any of the "stuff packs", but I find them too much money for too little anyway. Maybe at another sale, some day.

So far I haven't played much, but I love the new items and town that came with Generations (or was it Pets?). I also played around with a cat for a bit, which made me go "aaww" a lot, since I miss having real cats after having them for all my life.

A cat dreaming of butterflies
I still haven't seen any vampires though. One of the adults entered mid-life crisis, and I found out I can plant carrots. Hopefully I have time to explore the game better soon, and to create lots of houses, of course.

Neverwinter Nights 2
This is a game that I've also wanted to try, but didn't want to really pay for it. So the sale came and it was too good to say "no". I don't regret, so far it has been really refreshing to play an RPG again, instead of an MMORPG. I love how my decisions actually influence the story and my companions, and the humor or most quests was unexpected and keeps me wanting to progress in the story. 

I will write more on this once I have more time. Tchos has also been playing the game and has some awesome descriptions of the main story and some mods, here.

The ones that remain in my wishlist
There are some games I've ALMOST purchased, but I realized I still have much more tittles then time and they'll have to wait for now.

Trine: I loved the demonstration of the game, but still have other offline tittles to finish before I move into this one.

Fable III: I still need to finish Fable itself!

Cities XL: While I do enjoy city building games, I wasn't sure this one would be that good. It looks amazing, but the reviews pointing that large cities cause a loss of performance in the computer discouraged me.

Not so wished anymore
After playing the beta for SW: The Old Republic, I wanted to purchase and play it. But I wanted to wait and get the boxed version after launch, to avoid queues, etc. What happened though, is that my husband got the game on pre order, and while just watching him play, I lost interest. The reason might sound silly to some: I miss the medieval fantasy setting! I understood this when I stopped to recall the comments I make to him: "there are no trees in the cities", "your inventory looks boring", "don't you miss horses?" and many other simple things that are actually important to me. The story mode does look pretty fun though, and maybe at some point I will play the game. 

Also, I am still interested on completing my journey through LOTRO first.

Lotro's Mirkwood
Soon I will be done with Mirkwood, and I'll take the time to detail the adventure that it was. Yule festival kinda stole my focus, so I'll try and talk about that later on too.

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  1. I noticed the lack of trees in SWTOR, too, when I played the beta. Coruscant must have some huge artificial oxygen generators to deal with their planet being covered with nothing but a giant city! Plus whatever smog, if any, is generated by all that traffic.


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