Saturday, February 25, 2012

To Dunland

From Mirkwood to Dunland I still had the epic quest to conclude. While I could not finish all the Preludes from Mirkwood (some of them are group quests I didn't try to complete yet), I decided to grab the Epic quest about the gathering of the Rangers to go South and help Aragorn. This will lead me right into Dunland, my new quest area.

It all starts with a "travel everywhere in the game" quest, since the Rangers refuse to use cellphones message birds, where I got to help them in their tasks. This was not very exciting, but I was rewarded with all the Session plays about the old lore of Middle Earth and the rangers. Also, to help a bit, some of the quest rewards will actually be a consumable that will port you right to the next ranger, if you are not found of traveling around the giant maps of Lotro.

This also took me to see Enedwaith for the first time. It is a zone that was added in between expansions, but that I have not purchased. Fortunetelly for me, all epic quests are free, and I could complete the parts in Enedwaith without any issues. The area itself looks wild and forgotten, very green and not as related to the trilogy books as all the previous ones. But then it is in this part that you get to meet Isildur during one of the Ranger's storytelling sessions.

Session play is always fun to me, with new skills and no worry for loot at all. I hope the ones in Dunland are just as fun as the ones with the Rangers were. 

Even though this part of the epic quest doesn't take too long, I sure did take quite a while to complete, playing very short sessions at a time due to my work schedule. Hopefully now things will be more quiet with a new schedule, and I'll get to complete Dunland in a better pace where I can actually remember where I was when I stopped.

I did start into Dunland, and the area looks as wild as Enedwaith was, very green and with very primitive towns. The "capital" of the area is in that style, playing Hobbiton music and full of activity. It is the first time I actually hit the "level cap" area where most players are. Hopefully this time I'll be able to do some dungeons with my guild before they are not the challenge level of the moment.

I won't push it though. There are other games I've been wanting to finish, and I just can't play games as a job anymore, thinking of how I "hate to" complete this and that. So maybe in a few months I'll be here telling of how the whole Dunland adventure went.

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