Saturday, May 5, 2012

Building My Own Boss

This lovelly idea was given by Ambermist over at Tastes Like Battle Chicken.

I'll start by talking about one of my favorite encounters from the MMOs I've played: Shade of Aran from WoW's Karazhan raid dungeon.

Karazhan's entrance back when it was popular.
Most of my guildies simply hated the encounter, since it is very much random what will be thrown at you. They'd wuote one of Aran's lines right at the beginning: "I want this nightmare to be over!" (which is one of the lines he says when he kills a player). In this fight, nobody can just go into normal rotations: everyone has to move around a lot to avoid spells, or not move at all to avoid some of the same spells. It basically is a fight where you have to survive and pay a lot of attention. 

For some reason, I simply love chaotic fights. A boss fight should never make me feel I am just killing a mob I'd encounter while questing. Also, this particular encounter had both lore and well made voice over lines, which only made it more special.

Now for my very own idea!

The Forgotten Adventurer

Without a name and forgotten through history, the Forgotten Adventurer would be an encounter that starts with a quest. After killing a powerful undead boss, it would drop an item to start a quest. The item would be a special candle, with engravings on it. Curious about its meaning, you take the candle around the world, finding out that nobody really know much, but that it keeps pointing to a far away village and its graveyard.

Upon arriving, you find a ghost town, with spirits that tell you of a horrible mistake one of them made... if only they could remember the name! You explore the graveyard until you find the grave of a "Forgotten Adventurer" and its epitaph:

"Always dreamed of adventuring the world and meeting heroes. His dying wish was to at least lure them into meeting his resting place".

As this sounds friendly enough, you decide to light that candle there. As you do it, all spirits in town howl in terror, and the Forgotten Adventurer arises from its grave. When he/she appears, looking like a normal villager, all the spirits disappear and he tells you a story.

"Finally a hero has come to take me into the world of adventure! I have trained and studied so much about you! I know everything about you! Please let's go, I have everything ready! I prayed so much for this day... even to spirits perhaps I should not have prayed to"

He/she then turns around and sees its own grave and the candle.

"Oh, I see. It took too long. What a fool I was to trust that evil spirit. But in truth he was right. He told me nobody would ever come. This is why I accepted this wicked candle... it would bring me back when you finally came."

He/she turns back at you.

"Actually now I can't really recall your name. Which of the heroes are you?"

He/she lets out a mad laughter

"It matters not! I'll keep guessing until I can slay you and leave you on a grave without a name!"

The fight then starts, with the Forgotten Adventurer summoning a spell to transform him/her into famous heroes from the lore, each with its own spells, an saying lines about that hero's history and achievements. Each transformation has to be defeated, and at the end a little clue about who the Forgotten Hero really is given.

After being defeated a couple of times, he/she finally transforms into the dreamer he has always been about heroes of the past and present, and gives you a key that grants access to a secret library with books he/she wrote on heroes of the game's lore. His/her name is also revealed and the gravestone properly named.

I am not very good at creating mighty spells, but I think it would be fun to battle famous lore heros and know a bit more about them this way. Let me know what you think, and make your own boss too to share with the world. Just don't forget to share it at Tastes Like Battle Chicken.


  1. Oh, what a great story! I love lore-rich fights; things that lead you to new story elements. I'd totally love this boss!

    Also, Shade of Aran is also one of my favorite fights. The first time he sheeped the raid and sat down to drink, I lol'd. :-D

  2. You know, I actually am building some bosses for the NWN2 module I'll be putting out this summer, and so far I only have vague plans for their fights, and a couple of phases decided, though it's already decided what kind of creatures they are and where the fights will take place. I'd be open for suggestions on the phased mechanics. There are two confirmed bosses, and 1-2 minibosses.

  3. @battlechicken:
    Yes, being sheeped was always funny! But what made me laugh so much that I could barely heal/DPS was to fight Onyxia with the Deadly Boss Mods option of the "Onyxia Wipe Guy" turned on. Out entire guild would do it, it was just hilarious since it is synchronized to play the right phrases at the right times! (

    As you know, I can't program, but I can sure help with the other details if you wish. Just tell me the RP elements of the boss characters on my e-mail and I'll see what I can think of. Also, if you need help to test the mod before releasing, I'm up to it.

  4. Will do. Email shortly. The only reason I didn't tell the details here was that I didn't want to spoil the ending. :)

    The programming isn't what I need, when I said "mechanics", just suggestions for "what happens when you first meet", "what happens after you've fought a little while," etc.

  5. That is kind of a creepy fight. In a good way of course. :)

    A reminder that not everyone that sets to a life of adventuring succeeds. It could be interesting if later on the players could find the evil spirit the forgotten adventure made a pact with. Perhaps he is making similar pacts with other would be adventurers or maybe just different ones with other innocent people.

    Great work! :)

  6. Welcome to the NBI! Have fun blogging and let us know if you have any questions!


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