Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dahliara's Red Outfit

My favorite character to create outfits in LotRO is my female hobbit. Pretty much anything seems to be cute on her. This also makes her the most difficult one to create a very unique look.

For a while now she has been using this read outfit, but with the Anniversaty events, she finally got the perfect matching pony to go with it, so I am posting this outfit again, now with much better pictures thanks to the inspiration of the professionals, Freyjuska, Hymne and Devonna.

The theme of this outfit is to be her "performance" outfit. She enters town and people know she is ready for a show, with all the fireworks packed on her pony and the dashing red hat.

She also got the /toast emote during the festival, which is very fitting to someone who will be traveling from inn to inn in between adventures.

But it is time to work, and she'll start by telling stories of her adventures, what she's seen and what she conquered, of boars bigger then her and of giant bugs who tried to make dinner out of her hobbit bones.

She'll then play songs to cheer up the spirits, and to make all forget when she let it slip how many times she actually had to run of battle. And all will be able to sing:

"Brave, brave lady Dahliara"

(yes, that was Monthly Python)

Dahliara's Red Outfit
Head: Plumed Hat (Red)
Shoulders: Quilted Shoulder Pads (Red)
Back: Cloak of the Falling Leaves (Red)
Chest: Elven Robe (Crimson)
Gloves: none.
Pants: none (oh my!).
Boots: none.


  1. yay, she's so cute! I adore any hobbit outfit featuring a plumed hat, but this one is exceptionally lively (and red! :D)

  2. Lovely outfit! That mount looks snazzy with it too. I love to create outfits in my games too, so much fun :)


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