Friday, May 25, 2012

A game to "hide" in: What to play when too tired to slay?

This is Brazokie, my glitch

I just had a crazy busy week at work. No games at night, just extra work to make sure everything could get done properly. So I saw myself actually going back into games I don't play as often for their "less demanding" aspects. The one that came up the most and won't normally be on that list was Glitch.

It has been a while since I've been playing Glitch's beta. I love how this casual game never punishes me for not playing daily, or weekly. I am always welcome to come back and have fun collecting, exploring and crafting. It is a good break from killing orcs and crazed wildlife, not to mention that some days I just want to play around in an upbeat and cheerful game that has no war in it. That would be Glitch for me.

Exploring and collecting:

The 2D scenarios are cute, full of things to interact with and collect. You can nibble piggies for meat, pet trees and get milk from butterflies. I know it sounds simple, but after having to explore unfriendly territories in other games just to collect herbs for potions, I love how I can just stroll around and not worry about my character's safety if I need to step away for a couple of minutes.


All those things you collect around the maps are used to craft something, or to give you some sort of "buff". Sone will evolve for a long while, and others will be simple. For exmaple, how to make "Very, very stinky cheese". You start by having to gather milk. To gather milk, you have to massage butterfly. Without proper animal handling skills, you'll need to use lotion. Once you get that milk, you have to turn it into butter by shacking the milk. The compressing the "butter" creates the "cheese". Then you age it to create "Stinky Cheese", age it again for "Very Stinky", and once again for "Very, very stinky cheese".

My glitch character has already a lot of the available skills trained, but my focus has been mostly on food and gathering materials for said food. Skills are learned offline, you just have to pick one and wait. Some more advanced levels of skills require that you complete achievements to be able to be unlocked.

Little special things everywhere:

There are secret levels with word games, fox hunting games and race-like activities for when crafting needs a break. Also, the housing system has received improvements and now you have lots of furniture options and more space for farm your veggies, raise your animals and to store all the crazy stuff you collect while exploring.

After a very long week of work, sometimes all I need is a game where what I do is build instead of slaying, explore instead of analyze. Moving forward, I'm thinking of purchasing games I used to have some time ago: "Zeus" and "Pharaoh". They are city-building and management games, but a nice break from the whole "kill 10 boars" feelings some RPGs have. Also, they require much shorter play sessions, just in case I continue to have crazy work weeks.

And with that said, I hope more and more "casual" games pop up for me to enjoy on those out of control weeks where I just can't bother to slay 30 of the same thing.

What about you guys? In which game do you hide when you are too busy or stressed out? I had expected I'd have picked up Diablo 3 and relax killing demons, but I went the opposite way! Anyone getting that same effect?


  1. I'd never heard of this game, but the screenshots look awesome, so cute! Is it a normal single-player game?

    When I'm really desperate and don't want to play an MMO, I sometimes fall back into playing Plants vs Zombies. It's fun, for a while.

    1. It is actually an online game. You can see other players and trade with them, visit their houses, send in-game mail, etc. The game is browser based and probably runs on any kind of computer.

      The Sims 3 is my offline game of option, maybe I'll get Diablo 2 back in the machine also :)

    2. Oh, I've played the Sims so much too! I tried to play it again when my internet died a month ago, but I lost the DVD somehow... :( I watched the Glitch website and it looks like so much fun! I tried downloading the game, but apparently you need to sign up, which can take several weeks since they're only handing out beta keys every once in a while. (I didn't realize it was still in beta.) Too bad, would've loved to give that a try.

    3. Check back after a little while Ravanel. Right now they just did a major overhaul of the game, but once they get the new tutorial back online, they will likely allow players to send out 3-5 invites again (this is a way to avoid the waiting for them to invite you time period). Sometimes they even turn on a thing called queue jumping, where your name goes to the top of the list for invites from TS if you don't already have friends that are playing that can send you and invite. Again, that won't happen until after the tutorial is rebuilt.

      It will probably still be in beta for a bit longer after that time (but they do take good care of their beta folks - so even if it is beta, I recommend trying it out when you get a chance, just understand that things can be in a state of flux during that time). Hopefully it won't be too much longer before they re-launch, if you want to wait until then (the game originally launched in Fall 2011, but went back to beta a couple months later when they realized they needed a major rehaul of part of the game and the housing).

      I like Glitch, but would love to see a lot more casual/non-violent MMOs on the market. Other than Glitch the current ones are typically built for kids, and have limited chat abilities. I'm one of those old Faunasphere folks that ended up in Glitch because there wasn't anything else out there. I think casual/non-violent MMOs a niche market with a lot of potential that is being ignored by most developers.

  2. Hm. Tough question. Right now I guess my "hide" game of choice is Civilization V. Might seem a weird choice but I play on the easiest difficulties so I can just focus on building up on my civilization. It helps as it is something easy to get into for me and I don't feel I am wasting time if I have to restart all over again.

    Most of my other games are all single player RPGs so it makes it harder to do the same thing with them.

    1. That's funny, I just spent 4 hours "checking" the game yesterday during the Steam promotion of it being free on the weekend. I was impressed I had spent that much in the game. It's been MONTHS since I don't spend that much time playing a single game.

      Guess it is another title to my list of relaxing games! Neverwinter Nights 2 is another one now that you mention single player RPGs.


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