Thursday, May 3, 2012

NBI: Newbie Blogger Initiative

For some, I might not seem like a newbie blogger, since I have many posts and the blog is almost a year old. But without those stats, things are still just starting over here.

With English as my second language, I decided I had to practice writing skills, which always leads to that old drama: what to write about? With gaming as a hobby and already reading gaming blogs, I decided I'd try and create my own pieces and publish them to whoever might be interested in reading.

I have no experience with professional writing, but I always try my best. I also have a soft spot with screenshots, and sometimes its like I create blog posts just to be able to have and excuse to share them with the world.

If you are interested on who is writing here, please check my introduction post from almost a year ago, here. I'll make a post once I reach the one year updating it with what changed and what didn't. If you are interested on joining the NBI group, please click the banner to the right and read on!

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