Friday, May 18, 2012

NBI: The Silly and the Useful

To answer to Ambermist's challenge of the week, I present my favorite characters from games I've played over the years. It's been fun to make posts to answer challenges, and I can't wait for next week!

My Silly Girls

Yes, typo right there, and a way to use the name, way back when I played Ragnarok Online. It was my first character, and I have NO idea why I picked a rogue. On all other MMOs I've played after Ragnarok Online, I never played a rogue. Thing is, Rainny was a sweet girl who just happened to be a thief who evolved into an assassin. Her dream and life goal? To have a cape, for her assassin outfit was quite not appropriate for cold conditions. Turns out she dated guys with long clothing, such as a mage and a templar, in hopes to steal their garments to herself one day.

My gnome mage was the first character I had in World of Warcraft, and where I fell in love with playing ranged characters. I was never able to create a background story for her, but she is the one that got cool outfits done and who everyone loved to do silly RP actions with. A warning though: if you dare put her in your pocket, she'll pee in there.

The functional "mains"

The elf hunter from LotRO. Her background is that as a young elf from Lothlorien, and not being bery wise, she did something stupid I just can't make clear. Anyway, she is invited out to grow up into the world, meeting the challenges of the main quest until she finally reaches Lothlorien again to redeem herself, earn their respect again and move on in live and to help the Grey Company. Or at least that is the only way I could explain the fact she started questing in the Shire and had no reputation at all with Lotlhorien even though she is from there (that is a choice from character creation).

Lindirien is the character I play the most nowadays. It's a fun character with nice tricks and awesome teleportation skills. Yes, play the epic quest in LotRO and you'll wish you were a hunter at some points!

The Priest

A character with two names. It all started when I thought it would be really funny to name an alien character (draenei from WoW) Scully, to mock the agent's name from X-File. The joke grew old quick, but my love for playing a priest didn't. So I was stuck with a draenei with a name I didn't really like. Some years later I break in and pay for race and name change, and Luciny is born!

...and shortly after that I grew tired of WoW.

So here they are, my dear characters. Anyone with some special one(s) to share? I know some people have character they just use in many different games. I am thinking of recreating some of these in other games now. Wonder how that'll feel.

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  1. Note to self: avoid putting gnomes in pockets. :-P

    I like your characters! They all have individual personalities--I especially like your cape-desiring rogue! (Capes are awesome, who can blame her?!)


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