Saturday, May 12, 2012

NBI: Why do I do what I do?

Once again I'll take the challenge from Ambermist over at Tastes Like Chicken! This time I should write about "Why do you do what you do?", be it about the games themselves of about blogging.

I'll start saying that I'll be posting in big letters from now on. I use computers all day at work, on a system with tiny evil letters, and I wish my blog to me a refresher to those out there that live that same reality. If it is actually bad, please let me know and I'll just write in big letters and post in small, "tame" ones. So there you go, a first why I'm doing it!

Dahliara, my minstrel hobbit (Lotro)
Customization and games
Sometimes I can stay a whole play session actually killing nothing in an MMO. I'll be decorating a house, developing an outfit or picking new hair styles to go with a new cape. I simply play games with customization options more often then those who don't.  

Basically, some games I go back and play just because they are the best with customization options, and the "quest and kill" part of it I can find anywhere else. I'll highlight Everquest 2 and Lord of the Rings Online as two games I see myself playing for an hour and just customizing and having fun picking outfits.

In the "holy trinity" games, I'm the healer first, DPS second, tank third. While I actually love to play any of those roles, healing is special me. I think it is because of the constant attention I have to give it. Also because rotations are not as efficient, since you are more of a reactive role. And most importantly, because when I met my husband, he played as a tank, and a tank and healer combo was fun to duo on games. Now the plays Everquest (1) and that one is a bit too much on my brain, so I'm just the "what are you doing?" parrot at his shoulder.

As I've said before, it all started as a way to keep english fresh in my brain. Then I found out I could meet great people and that writing about games was a lot of fun. So here I continue, and I want to thank all the NBI folks who are participating, be it giving advice or creating their first blogs.

My one year blogging will be coming soon, and I'll prepare a more detailed post on that then.

Meanwhile, this is why I do it: I love to talk about customization in games, about my adventures, and to meet the blogs of those who visit and leave comments. 


  1. I like the big letters; it really is pretty refreshing!

    I spend a lot of time customizing, too. A lot of time transmogging in WoW now, as well. I like to sit at the AH and find different outfits to put together. And customizing in SWTOR takes me a little while!

    I started as a healer, and I thought I never wanted to be anything different, but I did end up loving dps.

    I hope you keep blogging; I look forward to more!

  2. Nothing against your blog posts having big letters, but I would try to change your theme's CSS to change the letters, otherwise you also change letter size on your RSS feed, which is not recommended (as others on the NBI have noticed, i.e. If you need some help *customizing* (see what I did there? :P) your theme just post about it on the forum, I can give you hand.

    BTW, you seem like a person after my own heart. I love customization, I love healing, and I also want to keep practicing my english. Great post. :)

    1. Thank you for the tip! Thing following this on the font sizes would do it?

  3. Customization is one of the MMORPGs aspects that I grew to deeply love too. So much I can have troubles getting into a game that doesn't offer an appearance slot for clothes or housing. Specially housing. I got into housing in MMORPGs due to Everquest 2 and played it far longer than I would have otherwise if it wasn't for that. Now that I finally left Everquest 2 I am suffering from decoration whitdrawals.... /sigh

    Oh, well. I am planning to give LotRO a try again as well as testing Aion's housing system to see if I can at least alleviate my withdrawals. We'll see how that works out!

    As for parties, I usually preferred the role of tanking myself. Since there was so many decisions and stuff to keep an eye on that it felt a lot more engaging than other roles. Healing came pretty close to it even though I never really got too much into it. Might have been because healing always gave me a bit of a god complex... What with deciding who got priority for the heals, who could wait for a heal and resurrecting people when things went out of control.

    After years of tanking in EQ2 and other games though I am a tired of that role. I am trying to stick to a DPS role nowadays in games. Might not be as fun but it is a lot less responsibility on my shoulders than tanking or healing.

    1. EQ2 has the best customization system imo, but I was never successful on finding people to play the game with (at Freeport server). I still have one house for each alt I created though :)

      Lotro's housing system is very frustrating and limited. The outfits are the good part, though EQ2's still gives you more freedom. The game is pretty good though. I play over at Firefoot server, though my guild pretty much vanished and I guess I should start looking for a new one...

      I reccomend trying Lotro soon, because if you like it, the Mithril Edition that unlocks a bunch of stuff is on sale until the 15th

    2. Ok. Seems my comment got lost somewhere in the interwebs. So here it goes again. If that is not the case, please delete this one. @_@

      Indeed, EQ2 housing is probably the best available right now. Though I am surprised you couldn't find people to play the game with in the Freeport server. It was one of the most populate ones.

      Yes, I know about the limitations of LotRO housing. It is pretty much the reason I never jumped ship when I when playing EQ2. Still I am so desperate that I don't think I will mind it much. As for the outfits I thought LotRO was better in that department? More variety of outfit models, more slots for outfits, being able to just turn off a part of the outfit you don't want to show, etc.

      Thanks for the tip! I saw it on the Frugal Gamer blog first and purchased it. Already downloaded the game again too so all I need now is some time to figure out what my character will be. :)

    3. Maybe I should have looked around more in EQ2! I joined a raiding guild, and they are nice enough, but, well, I'm more on the casual side right now.

      As for LOTRO, let me know if you server is Firefoot, it is where my characters are :)

      EQ2 still gives more customization options, unfortunately, then LOTRO.


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