Sunday, June 3, 2012

The books about Tyria

As I move on into another series of books, I am very happy I took the time to read both "Ghosts of Ascalon" and "Destiny's Edge". At first I was unsure, thinking I'd be lost in the story and the world since it is about Tyria, the world of Guild Wars, a game I have not played past my short experience with the trial.

What I found out is that the authors were very skilled to make the books independent from the game. All the details that would have been explained in the game lore are there, and not with pages and pages of boring "let's go back and explain this". No, it is done through the story in very well measured amounts.

"Ghosts of Ascalon" is my favorite. It is dark but with humor, mystery and a good ghost story. A BIG one. It has elements of the typical fantasy book without being cheesy, without the "hey, since everyone is heading east, we are all best friends now". It gets realistic on that point, of how the characters have to "deal" with each other in a point where the races or Tyria are still trying to get used to each other. The events of this book, from what I understood, happen after "Destiny's Edge", and some of the events from that book will appear here, which makes it a book I'll have to read again at some point.

"Destiny's Edge" is a bit more cheesy, on a lighter mood and predictable in many points, until you stumble upon the twists, of course. The "light and dark" moods were put together nicely, and the authors are kind enough to skip parts that would not be interesting (something I've been wanting in books after so many 10-book-long series I've read). The combat is very well written, to me anyway. It never gets so complicated that I just want to skip a page since I got lost after the third somersault and four kicks in two different guys. It is simple, just enough for you to enjoy the book rather then hope it will take long before the next combat "scene". 

It is difficult for me to talk about the books without putting spoilers, so I'll stop. I just wanted to share that they are unique and a very good read if you are wanting to understand the lore in Guild Wars 2 a little better. Even if you are not interested in the game at all, they are two good "standalone" fantasy stories in a same world, Tyria. 

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