Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Landscapes and inventory heaven (GW2 Beta Weekend)

This past beta weekend I didn't have much time or energy to play, but did spend some time with the game. In the end, I tried some more professions, explored and tried some crafting, and I am glad it was fun to go "the other way", where I did a bunch of miscellaneous things instead of just focusing on leveling up.

Inventory Heaven
In most games I turn off the public channels. Some rare ones won't be too obnoxious and actually have information, and since it is a beta, I keep an eye on it for tips and tricks, and that is when I found this piece of heaven: your bank has dedicated crafting space.

Yes, dedicated crafting space.

Doesn't end there. You can send gathered materials to that "collection" wherever you are, from your adventuring bag to the safety of your account wide bank.

I simply love this. One of the reasons I won't play LotRO somedays is because I know I have a huge game of tetris on my inventory to go through before I can head out into the wilds. The ability to simply send materials instead of having to go on a long trip to deposit precious materials in between adventures will make my hoardy-crafty self very happy.

I love taking pretty screenshots. Sometimes I never visit them back, but I like to take them for some reason. Might be a frustrated photographer inside or me somewhere.

Here are some I'd like to share, each one from one of the different capital cities, which have been a join to explore:

Divinity's Reach
Black Citadel
Hoelbrak and my Elementalist
Character Concepts

So far my favorite race is the human, and favorite profession the elementalist, which of course unite to be the character I played the most. While trying other professions, the ranger, engineer and mesmer were also fun, and I am pretty sure I'll have a norn ranger at some point. The mesmer I still can't think of a race that seems to match nicely, other than another human. As for the engineer, I am wanting a tiny asura.

I did try the Charr, but I just find it hard to have them match a profession other than something melee. It is silly, but I keep thinking they should just use those huge claws and fangs instead of a silly dagger or a gun.


The amazing discovery that bread + butter could create this
The crafting I checked with detail is cooking, because it is the only one that made sense in my mind to try and play around with the "discovery" system. Basically, you can try to mix and match ingredients in order to discover recipes. While a lot of people have been saying that a wiki could kill that, what I say is that it only "kills" it if you read it, and I don't intend to.

Foods give buffs, and I found fun to do the discoveries. Also, some karma vendors (kinda like factions) sell special recipes that might touch the collector side of me. I did think about trying a more gear creation or alchemy oriented tradeskill, but failed at it. Maybe next time.

Final thoughts
I still need a guild! Might join some folks at work that are going to play, but I am not sure yet. The game has been fun, it is beautiful and I feel not only free, but also encouraged to explore freely instead of sticking to a "leveling patch".

What about you guys? Playing some GW2? Just looking and not sure yet about what you see and read?


  1. I was one of the people that got disappointed with the concept of a discovery system for crafting being ruined because of Wikis, and while I know those will still exist, and many people will still use them to look for very specific and complicated recipes, I believe that ArenaNet made a very good decision when planning for it: the system makes sense.

    When you see the materials you have on your bag, the things you can make from start, and just look at their names, you usually can figure out without a lot of trouble what you can or cannot make.

    If you have copper bars, you can make blades. If you have wood, you can make handles. If you have blades and handles, you can make swords, but it asks for one more thing. You need a magical element, an inscription. If you have "Mighty" inscriptions, you can put together a sword that has a +Power bonus. It's simple and makes perfect sense once you give it a few tries.

    Best of all, it makes good items. I'm really looking forward to start crafting stuff for my characters.

    1. I haven't tried the other professions much. I tried apothecary very quickly, but the cooking was too tempting and I decided to try that first. The news that you can even reach level 80 through crafting was quite interesting too, since inventory is shared. But what I am unsure is that it mention you can actually work on ALL crafting professions, which would make an alt crafter kinda pointless.

      The news is here:

  2. Those are some great screenshots. :)

    And I do like the idea of the "discovery" system for recipes. I don't know if I will do like you and just try to discover things by myself or succumb to the temptation of using a wiki. I guess it will depend on my patience.

    I have been playing it during the beta weekends but not sure if I will have a regular group of people to play with or a guild to join at release. I've been trying to (kind of) subtly trying to get some friends interested on it but it doesn't seem to be working. T_T

    In any case I agree with you. It is a fun game, it is beautiful and it doesn't make you feel like you are just treading on whatever path the developers thought you should walk on. It feels a lot more free form with just enough guidance so you don't feel completely lost.

    1. I also need a guild. So far I've been playing over at Tarnished Coast because some folks on twitter mentioned it, but I haven't found them at all.

      Maybe we can try to start a small guild. I know people had the idea to create one with the folks from the NBI project. I thought the name "Book Club" could fit into that.

    2. Sounds like I plan. I just would prefer to wait until the game is released before committing myself to a guild though. The reason why is because I am still testing the classes and asking for an invite with every new character I make every beta weekend would get annoying very quickly. Unless we can invite our own characters to the guild? If so that would make things more easy. @_@

      Right now I have been playing in the Blazeridge Mountains server. I chose it during the first beta weekend because they were at medium capacity and I liked the name. During release though I will put some more thought on what server to play.

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