Saturday, June 9, 2012

LotRO on Steam and picking a new game

A short weekend update: I need to pick between Diablo III, Skyrim or Guild Wars. So far I think I'll get Diablo III: the mindless aspect of the game seems to be a good choice to play after a long day. But then I am very curious to play Skyrim. And Guild Wars' trial was fun, yet lonelly. When I'll have the time to play the game I pick? No idea, it's a gift and I'll take it.

Also this weekend, I'll be playing my GW2 Elementalist in the Norn area. I checked the human area already and loved it, so to avoid spoiling it, I'll just stay clear of it. So far the snowy area of the Norn is not much to my taste in looks, I prefer green pastures and flowers. Their quests have interesting aspects though, with hungry bunnies attacking you and snow ball fighting.

I'd also like to remember Steam users about LotRO being available there now. I'm trying to convert my installation using this "guide". It should be good news for those who have problems with Pando Media, since the download can be done through Steam now.


  1. Hm. Those are tough choices. I'd say if you want something mindless to relax after a long day of work Diablo III might be the best option. Skyrim is extremely good but better for world immersion, at least in my case. Guild Wars I barely played so I can't comment on it.

    Have fun with your elementalist! Kinda funny though since my reaction has been pretty different to the Norn area. I loved the snow-filled area. I wonder if it is because I never saw snow in my life so there is that sort of "Ooohh... This is different!" syndrome. @_@

    1. I generally prefer the snowy areas or deserts for that same reason, because to me those are different. But in GW2, the grassy areas have so much more details then the snowy ones. Or maybe I didn't venture far enough?

    2. Now that you mention it, the snow did feel kinda bland compared to the grassy areas in Guild Wars 2. I guess I was so happy for exploring a new area that I didn't pay as much attention to it. Plus my first contact with the snowy parts were through some mountain paths and in there it just felt cool (no pun intended). There was some snow flakes falling on the norn city too (I always forget its name!) and giant icy statues. Again this made their starting zone feel special.

      Sooo... I guess in the end I shoved the blandness of the rest of it deep down in my mind and only made sure to remember the cool bits. @_@


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