Monday, August 8, 2011

"The Raid" Recruitment Video

I got curious enough to check it out myself. The first reviews I've read almost made me not want to put 1 hour of my time into it, but then I decided to watch a piece while having breakfast, and then another while exercising, but had to jump the afterwards words and interviews for I had run out of patience.

Overall, I believe that the documentary would do better if renamed to "our guild" instead of "the raid", since it focus a lot on this one group of people, and it does it pretty good, even if they are not my kind of people to raid with. Its like a recruiting raid video to post in the WoW forums.

It does very poorly to explain to "outsiders" what raiding in a game is, or what MMORPGs are at all. It didn't try to start simple, or to explain what all the game jargon meant. They kept using many words that would make no sense to someone who never played WoW, or other MMOs, such as "quest". The only other place I see "quest" mentioned is on movies and books, and they are generally epic and quite lenghty. That is not the case in MMOs.

Also, it does not try to explain why people have to learn certain things in order to perform well in a raid. What is a tank, a healer, and a DPS? Can I join this afternoon to kill the Lich King from the movie too then? Why the dedication and time spent there?

So many things that could have been covered and didn't get touched. The way people schedule their free time to raid, how different people do it. How people have to adapt to each other's play styles, different accents on ventrilo, different kinds of people, how each member has some social roles, who gets to go, how some groups are picky and others aren't, why some groups finish content faster then others. It all got throwed away to stay focused on this one group, and to lose minutes giving time to the attention leech who likes to cuss.

It all felt horribly disconnected, and it is either a lie or a bad execution to say they wanted to show "outsiders" what it is to raid. It felt much more like they wanted to talk about what this one group feels about raiding and how they feel about their guild buddies.

And that would be fine if it was a raid recruitment video. But I can't seriously call it a documentary on raiding in games, and I don't think they took it seriously either. The kinds of things said makes me wish that at least. I want to believe that certain personal opinions said during the movie were not done considering what was trying to be represented there.

Adding people that were not from the raid group to talk about some raid elements didn't help either, since the focus would always fall back to the specific group and they didn't shine any light in the basic stuff that would make the whole thing more understandable to a complete "outsider" from raid gamming.

Just so many things that could have been done, it felt like a big waste of time and money in the end.

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"The Raid" Recruitment Video

I got curious enough to check it out myself. The first reviews I've read almost made me not want to put 1 hour of my time into it, but...